What To Expect

The Initial Process

This will always be started by a free visit and quote.

At this stage, your Carpets and or Upholstery will be tested to ensure correct methods and care are applied.

If you agree to the estimate, you will not be expected to pay anymore!

The cleaning process is then as follows:

If pre agreed the furniture will be moved. 

Extensively pre-vacuum the area or furniture with a strong motorised vacuum system.

Now its time for the spot and pre-spray, focusing on walkways, heavy traffic areas, and pet and food stains.

Hot water extraction equipment will be used to remove spots and dirt from the fibers. The cleaning solution is safe and non toxic.

We use a fresh water rinse to prolong carpet life by eliminating residues that will attract dirt and breed micro-organisms.

If requested a stain protector can be used at this point.

If necessary and depending on the absorbency of the fabric cleaned, turbo drying equipment to speed up the drying process.


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